This is the moment a little girl got attacked by an angry mother goose – before her older sister put the pictures online and they went extremely viral.

Five-year-old Summer Gidden went to look at some baby geese with her sister Stevie, 17, and their two other siblings in their neighborhood in Houston on Sunday.

But when the siblings got a little too close to the goslings, their protective mother went into attack mode, Stevie told Buzzfeed News.

Summer is the smallest and therefore, the one the goose managed to catch.

Pictures of the attack, taken by a neighbor, show the bird clawing at Summer’s hair and the little girl crying on the ground.

After Stevie shared the pictures on Twitter, her tweet quickly went viral and has attracted more than 40,000 retweets and 54,000 likes so far.

Others complained that the images were cruel and mean-spirited.

Stevie then clarified that while one neighbor snapped the pictures of the attack, another immediately went to help get Summer to safety.

She also said that her little sister was not hurt in the attack.

Source Daily Mail
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