The President of the Association Of Professional Bodies of Nigeria, Gabriel Fasoto, believes that the fuel crisis biting hard across the country is a product of the “planlessness” of the Nigerian Government.

He said that Nigeria would only come out of its current crisis when it decides to truly embrace the values of the democracy it is practising.

“We have been so used to doing things at the very last minute,” he said, adding that he believes that some people do benefit from the chaotic situation.

“It takes two to tango” he said, referring to the stand off between oil marketers and the government, as well as the claims by the government that the marketers are simply trying to hold the country to ransom.

He believes the government has not been truthful to Nigerians.

Mr Fasoto was of the view that the marketers are taking advantage of the weak posture of the government. If the government was firm and blunt in its approach, the marketers would not follow the pattern they have chosen, he said.

He added that the whole crisis comes from the effort of the marketers to draw the attention of the incoming government to the level of decadence in the oil and gas industry.

He, however, warned the incoming President to “watch it” and ensure that he doesn’t entrust certain arms of his government to the wrong people.

He expressed optimism that the Muhammadu Buhari led government would be able to stand tall in an effort to put things right, while contending with the National Assembly.

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Mr Fasoto also spoke about the challenges being faced by professionals in Nigeria with regards to why they usually travel abroad to practice.

He said that the coming together of all professionals under a single body is aimed at giving support to their members – professionals in any field – to enable them excel in the peculiar Nigerian circumstances.


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