The heartwarming moment a groom broke down in tears of joy while watching his bride walk down the aisle has taken the internet by storm.

In just two days the footage, which was posted to Facebook by Alyssa Hudson, has been viewed more than 3.4 million times.

The clip shows groom Will Ceaser, a youth pastor at New Covenant Assembly of God in Pascagoula, Mississippi, waiting at the altar for bride Lindsey Whitehead during their wedding at a church in Eufaula, Alabama.

The tearful groom continued to wipe his eyes while watching Lindsey walk down the aisle in her dress. One of his groomsmen leaned over and attempted to offer some comfort, but the sight of his future wife seems to be too much for Will to take.

Posting alongside the video, Alyssa wrote:

 ‘One day I hope to find a man that looks at me the way Will Ceaser looks at Lindsey Whitehead.
‘If this video touched you, please send to Ellen DeGeneres! They are two of the most beautiful, loving people I have ever known. Let’s show people what love really looks like.’

Patti White, a guest to the wedding, told WDAM that when she looked around the church everybody was crying with Will when he began to well up.

‘I look around and everyone’s crying. The whole place is crying with him,’ she recalled.

According to guests, Lindsey’s parents had previously objected to the couple’s marriage, but her mother showed up unexpectedly on their wedding day.
Some of them believe that when Will saw Lindsey’s mother walking his wife-to-be down the aisle it added to the emotion and happiness of the day.

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Patti also noted that Will had wanted to get married last year, but Lindsey had dreamed of a Christmas wedding so he had waited.

‘I think it just symbolizes that the wait was worth it,’ she said.


The happy couple, who were photographed smiling together before their wedding, will be honeymooning in Florida this week. Lindsey will later move from Alabama to Mississippi so that she can be on hand to help her new husband with his youth ministry, DailyMail reports.

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