A controversial female minister has been filmed flashing her nipples as she preached to a congregation with great zeal.

This is one very big motivation that would definitely get a handful of men troop down to their churches every Sunday if they will get to see such.

The Afro-American preacher, LaTascha Emanuel, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was delivering a message titled ‘The Forked Tongue’ while her nipples popped out.

The message encourages people to be kind to their family, friends and strangers. Perhaps that was the reason behind such generosity of her nipples display.

Emanuel is also known for a series of sermons she preaches, titled ‘The Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole’, where she also exposes her nipples while talking, according to Mirror UK.

The Afro-American preacher, LaTascha Emanuel who flashed her nipples while preaching. (Photo Credit: Youtube)

Just as expected, various social media users sparked up with diverse reactions after the latest video emerged online.

One Youtube user said, “Even though she’s speaking the word of God no ones paying attention [sic].”

Another said, “It seems to me that mature people can listen to the message without focusing on her breasts.”


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