A Malaysian-based Nigerian car dealer has had enough of people telling him how to live and spend his hard earned money. His Instagram page is full of photos of luxury goods, cars and photos taken with prominent individuals including former president, Olusegun Obasanjo. What he wrote on Instagram a few days ago:

“Many Opinions on Social Media Pages about how i choose to Live my life, how i made my Raba, Friends I choose to chill with, how I Spend my Money that i bust my ass to earn! Dude, it don’t cost no Money to Salute a Nicca who started from the bottom … If you escaped what I’ve escaped You’d be in Paris getting fucked up! Hey, few years back when I FAILED 3 times in my own privately owned Business, you were not there … You don’t even know me then! Now some people think they can just define me! Continue with your unverified definition(s) and watch me go all the way up to RULE you in the nearest Future! #AmaPopularNobody #AlwaysActLikeaSuccess #MindOverMatters #MindYourBusiness #WorkHard #Grind #HardWorkPays #NeverGiveUp #ItCanBeDone #EverythingisPossible #DontGiveUp #Persistence #Perseverance #PushtotheLimit #PushToTheLimits #Pray #TrustinGOD

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