After declaring that she is in a relationship, top Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda speaks on how she is rocking motherhood revealing that she will not go back to her ex-husband.

In a recent interview with Punch, Monalisa disclosed that there is difference being a mother and being a single mother although they both have their challenges.

Motherhood has been very lovely but being a single mother has been very challenging. There is a huge difference between being a mother and being a single mom. When you are a single mom, you have to do everything yourself, you have to be the mother, father, driver, teacher, name it. If you don’t have a help, you have to switch on
the generator, drop and pick the child from school; it is crazy. You have to help her with her homework and if I have to travel, I would have to bribe my secretary to stay in my house for some nights so that she can help my daughter with her homework
.” She said.

Monalisa and Daughter

Monalisa and Daughter

Speaking on her love life and previous marriage to Dejo Richards, Monalisa disclosed that she is opened to love and marriage as long as it would work.

She said “I love the whole concept and idea of love. I am open to love and marriage that would work. Marriage is always a better option and I love to be loved. I hope to have more children because I had always wanted to have three children. Three is just perfect but it depends. I can never go back to my ex-husband but we maintain a cordial relationship because he is the father of my child. He speaks to his child whenever he wants to.”

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Monalisa Chinda also addressed the alleged rift between her and co-actress Rita Dominic.

Rita Dominic and I are not at loggerheads. We just drifted apart and she is still my sister. We went to the same school. I do not think that anybody should have a permanent enemy or a permanent friend. As you grow up in this big industry, your interests start to differ and that is just what happened.” She said.

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