A young girl who was r*ped by as a many as 33 men during a brutal s*x attack has opened up about her horrific experience.

A teenager (right) raped by 33 men has relived the horrific attack after appearing on Brazilian television
The teenage girl r*ped by 33 men has relived the horrific attack after appearing on Brazilian television.
According to Daily Mail, the 16-year-old, attacked while visiting a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro, said she woke to find ‘one man under me, another on top of me, and two more holding my hands’.
The men, who have been described as drug dealers, posted obscene screen shots of the video on Twitter, some of them featuring their faces, along with profane descriptions of their actions.
Two suspects have been arrested so far, police have revealed.
Talking on a local television channel, the victim said: ‘I fell asleep and woke up in a different place with a man underneath me, another one on top and two other holding my hands and several people laughing at me. Also, I was drugged and confused.
‘There were many people armed and many boys laughing and talking. There were adults and not only boys. Now they judge me and blame me.
‘They robbed me. They robbed me but not of any material property but of physical property.’
Rai de Souza (left), 22, suspected of being involved in the gang rape of a teenage girl,  is escorted at the Police Station
Last week, police issued warrants for the arrests of four men, including the girl’s 19-year-old boyfriend.
He and another man, 41, are facing charges of r*pe, while two other men face charges for the distribution of images of the attacks on social networks, reports The Globe and Mail.
The state Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio has received hundreds of complaints from distressed members of the public who saw the images when they were first posted on Tuesday.
The Sao Paulo feminist advocacy organisation Think Olga issued a statement on the attack.
‘Women worldwide take their own lives when they find themselves in such circumstances, because they fear the same impunity that allows their perpetrators to defame them on social media,’ it said.
‘This absurd violation of their privacy is comparable in severity to the crime itself, because it multiplies thousands of times with every view, every click.’
One suspect, 22-year-old Rai Souza, turned himself into police on Monday, authorities said. A second, 20-year-old local professional soccer player Lucas Perdomo, was arrested.
The girl at the center of the case is now under state protection and she and her family intend to leave Rio, officials said.
Brazil’s Justice Minister Alexandre Moraes, visiting Rio for a meeting about Olympic security, said he would put the girl and her family in the federal government’s witness protection program, should they want it.
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