This year has really started well with drama through social media, from Baddo and Don Jazzy and now another one on Instagram. This side chic by the name Barbie_davina decides to show love to her supposed bae with name sampala207 on instagram a father of two lovely kids by writing ‘Chilling with bae’ on a picture of them together. But out of sheer coincidence or karma or whatever you want to call it, maybe the wife saw it or a close pal and the man denies her and asked her to delete his picture on her page. But guess what when bae realizes that even her boo get a boo *in Harrysong voice* she is bent on seeking revenge. So I am here thinking he must have promised her heaven and earth and claim to be a single parent (just speculating) since this lady has a picture of the same boo sampala207 and his daughter on her page.

Also in one of the comments, another person mentioned warning the man against this side chic but he did not listen, now nemesis has finally catch up with him. See below:


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.51.47 PM

side chic


But I also think this babe has warned him before hand and he must have called her bluff, mhen who I pitied most here is the poor wife. See what Nigerian husbands are doing jumping into people’s lives to scatter it. This is what happens when you publicize your love on social media and bae is trying to show you off.

This picture below just killed it, please share your thoughts and let’s know what you think. BTW both have done have rapidly added more followers on instagram than they ever added in one year…

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