The air was charged with a mild drama in Capetown, South Africa, on Wednesday, after a suspicious husband decided to secretly record his cheating wife having s*x with their gardener.
The controversial husband, Leonard Dube revealed that he has been suspecting that his wife of 12 years had been having a s*xual relationship with their own gardener.
A close relative who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “Leonard is a prominent businessman who does not have enough time to focus on the demands of his wife. Its unfortunate that the gardener may have taken advantage of the situation”
On the 1st of June, the Capetown based Leonard is said to have told his unsuspecting wife that he would be attending a business conference in Pretoria.
Prior to the incident, he secretly engaged with a Security company named Foscam who secretly mounted CCTV cameras inside and outside their Capetown house without his wife’s knowledge.
It is said when the husband returned from his trip, he rewinded the CCTV footage and was shocked to discover the two lovebirds’ shenanigans.
Blinded by anger, the vengeful Dube posted a disgusting video on Instagram, which he later removed from the popular social site after a police request.
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