As fuel lifting begins in Nigeria after days of sever fuel scarcity, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) is insisting that it is illegal for any filling station to sell Premium Motor Spirit also known as petrol above the pump price of 87 Naira per litre.

In a statement, the DPR emphasised that the Federal Government had not increased the price of fuel, assuring Nigerians that efforts are being made to ensure that the product reaches every part of the nation.

“The price remains at 87 Naira per litre. Any station caught selling above the stipulated price, will have its licence revoked,” the statement read.

The DPR insisted that there was enough fuel, warning service stations not to sell in jerry cans for safety reasons, or risk being sealed up.

End of Scarcity in sight, as worker at a tank farm dispenses petrol.

Lifting of fuel has started but the lines of jerry cans waiting for petrol, which had become priceless for most Nigerians in the last few days, will not disappear within a twinkle of an eye.

At one of the tank farms in Lagos State, officials said the farm will dispense fuel in the day and at night, delivering a 24 hour service.

However, long queues still dot the streets of Lagos State, vehicles snail across the major road causing gridlock.

The good news, however, is that the truce called by the major players in the oil and gas is working with oil tankers loading and taking petroleum products to various destinations in and out of Lagos.

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Oil marketers and workers are, however, assuring the public that the situation would get better in the coming days.


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