Two days ago, we posted a story about VL Magazine dethroning their queen, Joyce Amarachi Mbatu, barely 2 weeks after she was crowned. Joyce had alleged that the magazine cancelled her contract because she refused to do a topless photo shoot.

VL Magazine CEO sent us a statement yesterday saying he was very disappointed in Amarachi for coming on social media trying to tarnish the image of the brand. Read HERE

That she is a disgrace to womanhood and a very big liar, that she was not even fit enough be a queen of a mechanic workshop. That during the competition, Amarachi willingly agreed to do a bikini shoot as part of her portfolio and also agreed to be available at all times when the brand needed her. However, that after Amarachi won face of VL, it was from one complain to another. She wanted things to go her way which was not possible.

We have an update now and Amarachi is firing back at the magazine. Please read the statement she sent in below:

Dear Theo,

I have been waiting for a response and you have responded- and with no surprise, more mix of stories.

During the time of the competition…I’m sorry do you state T n C’s during a competition or before? Yes, you said bikini shoots….and if you can recall my response vividly- I said I can wear swim suits and can’t go topless. And you let me carry on with the contest (meaning my answer was good enough). Of which we threw the question back at you for laughs and you replied saying you can go nude. But off the meeting, We revisited the topic and you said you gave that response but did not mean it. Correct that.

What is a contract? an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified. Notice the word “AGREEMENT”, if anything you were the dictator.

You gave me a contract and it is very typical to object to things not understood. I demanded clarifications on some things stated( which you did) and you knew my commitments before I contested- you said it will not affect my existing commitments. You even said because you understood my position, I could state my availability only that it will reduce income that comes to me. I/We agreed with that until I am able to regularize. You were completely fine with that.

The talk show was best to be out because you were reluctant to say what comes to me for that.

Ps- this contract has not been signed and was  supposed to be signed on the day of the shoot(I was to print an official document to be presented to me by myself). So what agreement have I breached? What grounds were the bases of lack of commitment, availability and requirements not met? Have we even started working together yet?

I have my flight bookings,emails and online pass as proof that this flight was booked. This trip was impromptu and within short notice, I was still able to squeeze out time to be there but unfortunately flight was cancelled( 30/01/2016). I booked this flight on my own expense, something a brand should have taken care of. This is very unheard of and totally inappropriate. He said I was a boss lady so I should cover my flight costs and that upon signing of contract the media will cover my cost. Correct that.

Despite incurring my flight costs, I said I will pay for damages caused that day as the flight was cancelled and that we could negotiate a reimbursement. Unless you have been refunded, I do not know who will not buy into a reimbursement. No room for mishap, for such a trip you told me about the next day after winning.

My folks were in full support of this until they started sensing an imbalance.

You don’t confuse gaining understanding to dictation. You were upset that I showed my contract to a third party- who signs a contract without proper cross examine? Next thing I am being sent a mail talking about my lack of commitment and availability also not meeting up to requirements were you stated clearly that going topless and wearing bikini was the criteria.

I think your visions should be re- phrased because this act doesn’t quite cut what empowering youths means . Even you can’t do the things you impose. You admitted yourself that you did not get things right this first edition and will do so for the next. An edition you said I would host because you definitely saw I more than met your requirements.

I don’t think you want me to go on about the things you said that were off the contest. Because if you are so confident about your story, I will still find you on my BBM and whatsapp. Apparently, you have deleted yourself  to clear evidence. Or you thought your BC won’t get to me?

Speak the truth Theo Olele, I respected your integrity unfortunately you lost it to media.

This is my last statement.

 I said I will sue for still talking messy about me and this comes out .He now remembers this?? Can all that has been said be retracted?? Such nonsense!

How can I be cool and still be a disgrace to womanhood? Mr Theo, take two seconds before speaking, because it takes less than a second to regret things said.I surely wish u the best too.

Here’s screenshot of the mail I received yesterday.


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