Two members of a cult group in Sapele, Delta State on Tuesday, March 29 engaged in a deadly fight over a girl. The incident occurred after one of the men identified as Raraye allegedly started hitting on the girlfriend of his fellow cult member, known as Patrick a.k.a ‘Bagger (Vikkins).

According to Ono Okeh, Patrick (pictured above) had repeatedly warned Raraye to stay away from his girlfriend, a warning he chose to ignore. On that fateful day, the two confronted each other with weapons and a fight ensued. Patrick hacked Raraye on the back with a machete. When the wounded man attempted to flee, Patrick cut his hand almost chopping it off.

Raraye (pictured on the hospital bed) is presently receiving treatment in a hospital but there is a possibility he might lose his hand.

Source: Ono Pink Journal

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