A Nigerian woman convicted of setting up a bogus business school, who has been on the run for nine months has revealed her intention to one day become president.

Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful

A convicted fraudster on the run from British authorities has posted Facebook messages claiming she wants to be the first female president of Nigeria.

Tina Beloveth Powerful said she would lobby “my Facebook friends,” President Obama, Michelle Obama and David Cameron for support.

Powerful, thought to be living in Nigeria, was found guilty of fraud and false advertising in July 2015, but went on the run prior to being sentenced.

Her Facebook page suggests she has returned to teaching, with one post saying she is “on my leadership training mission”.

And a recent post headlined “women leadership” talks about women becoming presidents of their countries.

In it, Powerful wrote: “I desire most unreservedly to become the first Nigerian female president sooner than later. I have been nursing this feeling since my mama born me.”

She added: “I strongly believe that my Facebook friends, President Obama and Mitchell (sic) Obama, my long-time outstanding friends, Rt. Hon. David Cameron my allied and host of other powerful women and civilized men nationally and internationally will support me massively.”

Powerful, 48, formed Multi-Diversity College while facing charges of fraud and false advertising over the Milton Keynes-based Everest School of Transformational Management. She had offered courses and degrees she did not have the correct accreditation for and advertised facilities that did not exist, including a library.

She was convicted over the Everest scam but failed to appear for sentencing. Powerful, 48, skipped bail ten months ago after being found guilty of running a bogus business school. A warrant has been issued for her arrest in the UK.

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The BBC understands Powerful and her husband, Emmanuel Onyedike flew back to their native Nigeria last year following a death in the family.

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