Keturah King, Host of CNN’s African Voices, a TV show which highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters, was assaulted by airport security in Dakar, Senegal today. Keturah who spent the last couple of days in Dakar, was about to leave when this occurred. Sharing photos of her injuries, she recounted the horrifying experience via Social media. She wrote;

“I’ve just been thrown against a wall at the airport and beaten up by the Dakar Airport police. They keep telling me to put my phone away and not record them. They refuse to communicate with me directly – choosing to speak to the men around instead.”
After a while, she updated her twitter account, saying that she had now been arrested. – “I have now been locked in a room with groups of male officers intermittently coming in to insult me. One just spat on me.”
No further updates yet on whether she has been released.


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