Smh!!! See What A Lady is Wearing in Broad Daylight

A lady apparently set eyes rolling in surprise when she appeared in public wearing what has been described as rags.

Lady fashion

The photo of the lady above has caused some frenzy on social media since it emerged.
Although the identity of the lady is not clear, her weird outfit has caused a division among social media users.
Some people have heavily criticized her style of dressing, describing it as madness.
One user said: “No way! Warizdizzz??? It’s pure craziness. How can a woman appear in public clad in these rags?. Its a nayyyy pls”
Another agreed: “This may be someone’s mother or even daughter and yet can be so shameless to come out looking like this. This era of fashion has turned many ladies into mad people”
However, other more tolerant people have thrown in support for the woman who they say is living her life.
One Gloria Anjo, said: “Many of y’all are haters! You will criticize this lady and yet deep down want to be as free as she is. This woman is able to show off and be who she really is and not feel too self-conscious enough to hide. She’s living her life. Y’all should go get a life”

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