Our hair has to be one of the most essential things in a woman’s look. Have you noticed that whenever we have a bad hair day, the rest of the day is totally ruined. That’s because the hair plays an important look in the way we look everyday.

There are so many hairstyles on this earth that leaves us clueless as to what next to do to our hair. Remember the struggles whenever its getting to that time when you have to take your hair out and you are not sure about the next hair you want. Well, this article will guide you to the trending hairstyles this season.

1. Marley twists: This is also known as the kinky twists. This is made with marley hair but has more of the natural hair twists which give it that virgin look. this is unlike the regular braids we do. This is usually fuller, which mostly depends on how you want it to look.


2. Crochet braids: This is also made with the marley hair but done differently. It is made as the name implies. This hairstyle is gorgeous and you definitely want to try this.

3. Bohemian curls: This hairstyle definitely gives you the crazy sexy cool look. It is usually full with small curls that make the hair appear even fuller. Solange Knowles is a typical example of a lady who rocks her bohemian curls and owns it.

4. Ponytail: It is definitely creeping into the trending hairstyle in Nigeria as it has been for years. There are even new ways in which the ponytail can be done whereby the hair is wrapped around the knot to give it a more natural look. This is definitely a nice look to try.

5. Faux locs: This looks like dread locs but done with thread. It can be long or short depending on your prference. Once you have a good hairstylist, then you are good to go. It gives you that dancehall queen look that makes you look hip.


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