The mystery surrounding the disappearance and reported death of Charity Aiyedogbon is taking a curious twist. Her daughter, Juliet Aiyedogbo who is set to be married next month, July 9th, has gone on Facebook to claim that her mother is still alive. In the since deleted post, she said that if anyone claims to have found the mother’s body, the person should bring the body to her for DNA test.



The Due Process Advocates (PDA) Emeka Ugwuonye shared screenshots of her post. Read the analysis below:
Please read the attached statement of Chacha’s daughter, Juliet, claiming that they have evidence that the mother is alive and they are pursuing such evidence. She also said that if anyone claims to have found the mother’s body he should bring the body to her for DNA test. Let’s analyze that statement.
(1) If you accept that your mother is missing and your family is busy searching for her, why couldn’t your family postpone your wedding until your mother is found so that she could attend your wedding? Why go ahead with wedding in two weeks time, knowing that possibly your mother will still not be found by then?
(2) You spoke of your family and the police having evidence that your mother is alive and you are pursuing the evidence. What then is the condition of your mother now gathered from the evidence you have? Is your mother in captivity? Is she hiding? Is she sick or we’ll? Or is it that you really don’t know, all you know is that she must be alive somehow because she is indestructible?
(3) By the way what nature of evidence do you have? At your father’s instigation, the police arrested 4 men over your mother’s disappearance, but they have all been released. Those men are: Mr. Udoh, (detained for less than one day) your mother’s lawyer, Mr. Rowland, a former employee of your mother (detained for a week), Mr. Kelven Berry, a former business associate (detained for one week) and Mr. Jo, your mother’s friend, (detained for 13 days). These men have all clearly shown they had no idea of what happened to your mother or her whereabouts. So what other evidence do you have or are you pursuing? Or are you now admitting that these men were never suspects but were all arrested out of vendetta and grudge your father bore against the be associating with your mother?
(4) You asked us to bring your mother’s body for you a DNA test: how did you know that the killers had assumed that nobody would find the body? Otherwise, it will be odd for a child to identify her parents body only by DNA. If I see my mother’s body, I will not need a DNA test to recognize my own mother. Even one finger in my mother’s hand will be enough for me to tell it is my mother. So would most people. But the Aiyedogbon children would need DNA to identify their mother’s body when all that is missing is only the head. That statement actually implicates you in murder.
(5) Obviously, when you say you are running around and searching for your mother, you are merely repeating your father’s lines. It is your father that is ravishly spending on your dream wedding. That’s quite an incentive to lie. But how do you feel knowing that as you walk down the Isle, your mother will be conspicuously absent?

I’m afraid, young lady, your argument doesn’t hold water. Indeed, it is an embarrassment to the human civilization.”

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