A woman has shared a touching story in which she revealed how she caught her husband having s*x with a 16-year-old boy after denying her s*x for 5 months.
This is one shocking story that will make your heart bleed. A married woman whose husband refused to have s*x with her for 5 months has eventually found out a wicked secret the man was hiding from her. The story was shared online.
My husband has not touched me for 5 months now, but he always ask me to press his d*ck and help him cum. Most times he will ask me to press it so hard or even use my finger nails to pinch him. I always get scared of his balls cause its very delicate but he does not mind, but all he does is just finger me until he dose off .
This has been Going on for long and if I try to touch him, he will say his not in the mood . We have fought about it and I have even involved his family, but he keeps saying its work stress until I found out my husband was sleeping with a teenage boy of 16 years.
I know the mother of this boy, we use to greet on the street and she is a very nice woman. I caught my husband with this little boy in our visitors rest room, the most painful part was that the little boy was crying bitterly as he was penetrating him in and out. I felt betrayed and bitter.
I have moved out of the house at the moment. Still thinking of what to do. Should I go to the police? Should I tell the boy’s mother? What should I do?
Who do I tell? I need to talk to someone it’s too heavy and I am dying.
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