A young lady from the South-south part of Nigeria is currently seeking a serious partner to settle down with in life.

Joro Olumofin’s matchmaking session has showcased the profile of a lady from Calabar, Cross River State has listed some s*xually tantalizing details to facilitate her search for a man.
Read her post below:
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30 thoughts on “Calabar Lady Who Can Endure Over 6 Rounds of S*x in a Day Wants a Man…See Her Contact”

  1. I don’t need to talk much. If she really needs someone that can last more than six rounds with her, let her contact me through my email. Eager to hear from her soon.

  2. its not all about sex but you have to be responsible and capable of catering for her needs too! its a give and take thing rite?

  3. babe u don’t need any man bcs if do no need of going far,what u need is behind u,actually am not available bcs u don’t need it. u are just to make jok with guyz ?

  4. true/fuse na u knw just keep it to yr self cos u will c a guy who can gv more than DAT & @ the end find it fully yr self arand okk ?

    1. Leave that girl alone she is a queen of the coast sent to destroy the destinies of young men and she will die b4 the end of 2017. don’t list after her cos she a grave yard. repent and wait upon the LORD for a good wife. JESUS is coming soon.

  5. if you are really a human plz comport yourself and wait for God’s time, no man can provide that for you except him.

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