Magician Justin Willman and his comedian partner Jillian Sipkins, tied the knot but their wedding is not the normal type of wedding we are used to. The duo shocked guests at their wedding after they were able to pull a tricky stunt which saw Justin levitating on the dancefloor after Jillian put a spell on him.

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Online viewers have proposed the trick has something to do with a chair the couple moved out of the way before the levitation, as well perhaps the rug that had been laid down on the dance-floor.

But, like any real magician, Willman wasn’t giving away any secrets when speaking to People this week.

‘Our big move at the end was accomplished with a mix of magic and a few thousand sit-ups,’ he told the magazine.

‘It was a lot more fun than we expected – the practice time actually gave us a few uninterrupted hours each day leading up to the wedding – and pulling it off for our guests made it worth all the prep.

‘The fact that people are responding so positively to the videos is really a bonus at this point.

‘The wedding day was perfect, and now we get to see that reflected back to us by a whole bunch of strangers.

‘It’s pretty surreal.’

After the wedding at the weekend, the pair put the video of their trick onto YouTube, where it continues to increase views.

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