A woman, Mrs. Elizabeth Omonike Ojo, has filed a suit at a Grade C customary court, Agodi Gate, Ibadan, Oyo State seeking dissolution to a 26-year-old marriage to her husband, Ezekiel Ojo, over what she described as adulterous and irresponsible attitude.

Elizabeth told the court that Ezekiel paid dowry on her when they got married and that the union had been blessed with five children.

‘He is a pastor yet he is promiscuous and fetish,” said Elizabeth. She added: ‘He befriended the best friend of mine and attempted To Molest one of my nieces. There was a time he planned with one of his friends to use our first born for money rituals. Sometimes, he leaves the house for up to 12 days without calling and whenever I called him; he won’t pick up his phone.”

On account of Ezekiel’s waywardness, Elizabeth said she packed out the house and lived apart for about one month but that after her parents intervened, she had to return to Ezekiel.

‘When I returned home, I called my pastor to speak to him and it was then my husband opened up to my pastor and confessed all the abortive moves he and one of his friends had made to make money rituals.

He had gone to my son’s school to demand his photograph but one of the school’s teachers secretly called me to ask if the photograph should be released to him. I declined and asked the school not to release the photograph to him because I feared he wanted to use it for evil intention.

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When I reported this to my parents, it was then they told me that he had attempted To Molest one of my nieces but that they kept the case secret because they did not want to ruin our home, Ezekiel being a pastor.”

Elizabeth also explained that the woman who is Ezekiel’s boss, said she would be arriving in the country from abroad and so asked her husband to tidy up her house. Elizabeth asked one of her nieces to help Ezekiel out but the niece barely survived being raped by Ezekiel.

Responding to all the allegations, Ezekiel said he had no objection to the dissolution because he had offended Elizabeth gravely.

He added, however, that his actions were due to the bad influences of his close friend with whom he has severed relationship.

“When I realised my friend had misled me, I ran away from home. And of the allegation of raping Elizabeth’s niece, I only tried to sleep with her but was unsuccessful,” confessed Ezekiel.

President of the court, Alhaji Amusa Makinde counselled both parties and urged them to maintain the peace because of their children while adjourning the case till December 22.

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