Some Biafra independent Activists were shot blank dead as they marched unarmed sharing biafra handbills, I have been wondering what will make a trained police officer, soldier, navy or even a vigilante to open a direct gun fire aimed at unarmed civilians if not madness. I don’t encourage violence but what happened in Onitsha yesterday was a provocation to violence which I am very sure the people involved may not be able to curtail when it starts.

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Horror photos when you continue: The Biafran agitators as I understand, are violent free group or groups as it may be, so I did not see anything that will prompt anyone to go out and start attacking them to the point of shooting directly at them, and as a result 7 people died and over 20 struggling for their lives at the moment.

For over a time now, members of Boko Haram has killed hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and these set of mad people in uniform have not been able to confront them head on like they did to harmless civilians.


We must be very careful how we implement this our new found 97% and 5% thing or it leads us to where we never bargained.

In the wisdom of the people who drafted the Nigerian constitution, they guaranteed us freedom of speech, and standing on the principle of that freedom of speech, some people said that they would make the country ungovernable should they lose an election, and nothing happened to them because their right to freedom of speech was respected.

They guaranteed us freedom of expression, and standing on the principle of that freedom of expression, members of the Islamic movement, Boko Haram have killed hundreds of thousands of Nigerians in their bid to foist sharia law and subsequently islamatize the entire country, and again, the madmen in uniform have not been able to confront them. Rather they flee anytime the boko boys come around.

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