The whole world is alerted to the new Gestapo by masked ‘military’ men working for the APC and invading communities in Rivers State.

As at this time about 20 military trucks with fully armed masked men are invading communities in ONELGA and arresting villagers and innocent people suspected to be PDP members.

Kreigani and Aligu communities have already been sacked. The Divisional Police Officers for Omoku and Egi as well as the Mopol Unit Commander claim not to be aware of who authorised the invasion. The true identities of the invaders are still unknown. The entire local government area is now in pandemonium.

Just recently, after the last visit of the Minister for Transport to Rivers State, masked men claiming to be Security men have invaded several communities and burnt properties worth several millions of naira. Deaths have also been recorded in these operations.

This is the second invasion of ONELGA. PDP members have come under attack in Abonnema, Ogu/Bolo, Buguma, Port Harcourt, Gokana, Obio Akpor, Emohua, Abua local government areas among others.

The APC in Rivers State has a death squad and it does appear that the Security Services are backing them. The lives of Rivers people are under threat. Anarchy is being invited.

Gift Jackson is a freelance journalist based in Abuja.

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