A woman who was really angry with her boyfriend has displayed her anger in a really brutal manner. A woman has shocked people with her really bizarre act of violence after murdering her boyfriend in broad daylight.

According to reporters, the woman and her sister had accused the man of abuse and taking money, so they beat him and stabbed him in a pubic place.

As shoppers watched the dazed and injured man sat on the ground, waiting to die.   A witness described the horror event that played out in Commercial Road, Dasi, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, yesterday morning.

“First they hit him on the head with the cover of a braai stand which made a big hole in his head,” said the witness, a hawker. “Then they stabbed him in his back with screwdrivers and knives. They also stabbed his 4-5. There was blood everywhere.”

She said the woman, who is the man’s girlfriend, poured a pot of hot water over him.

“She accused the man of abusing her and claimed that he had once tried to strangle her and had poured hot water over her.
“Her sister, who also had a knife, accused the man of taking money from her stall,” said the witness. “All the time the man was begging them not to kill him.”

She said bystanders finally intervened when the girlfriend tried to topple her braai stand with burning wood and hot coals over the man.

But it was already too late for the victim. “He died as we waited for an ambulance to arrive.”

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The police has launched a manhunt for the suspected murderers.

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