It was traumatic situation yesterday in Maiduguri. 20 people have been left dead with at least 70 casualties when a female suicide bomber detonated her bomb in a Maiduguri bus station.

Danlami Ajaokuta, a civilian present at the scene described the incident saying “We heard a loud explosion at about 3:50 pm while we were preparing for afternoon prayers, It happened right inside the motor park (bus station) attached to the fish market where labourers were sorting out rice.”.

By his description, we can gather that the woman entered the bus station carrying a casserole dish and shouting at customers, nothing suspicious.

“People were occupied with sorting the rice. No one paid any attention. Suddenly, the casserole, which obviously contained explosives, went off. She was blown to piece. We have sorted out 20 dead bodies and 50 others that were injured”, Danlami concluded.

Eye witnesses say that the casualties may be more than just 70 as the rescue operation is still going on.

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