Beyonce’s former manager has spoken out about his fears for the superstar’s high profile marriage and claims she is ‘reliving’ the heartache of her own mother.
Brian ‘Kenny’ Moore, who managed the star in the early 1990s when she was a teen singer in the group Girl’s Tyme which eventually became Destiny’s Child, believes Beyoncé is simply retracing history.

He fears her marriage is doomed – held together not by romance but the music business.

Speaking from Houston, Texas, Brian told Daily Mail Online:

 ‘That’s how it appears to be. Beyonce’s re-living her mother’s position.’Her father’s cheating is well known and just because you’re Beyoncé it doesn’t mean the cycle will change.’Most girls marry guys exactly like their fathers. If you have an a**hole father, the daughter will usually marry an a**hole guy.Beyoncé saw the infidelity her mother put up with and it was hard on her. But Beyoncé, being in the same position, I’m damn sure she wouldn’t get a divorce.Some in their camp told me Jay Z isn’t cheating but if he has, it would be the second coming of the father and nobody needs that.’..

Moore spoke out and released these never-before-seen photos of the iconic performer with Destiny’s Child on the day the band signed their contract with Sony Columbia records.

The photographs – obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Online – were taken in December 1995 at Beyoncé’s mother Tina’s hairdressing salon, Headliners, in Houston, Texas.

It was the first time the band performed for an audience as Destiny’s Child, after changing their name from Girl’s Tyme.

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Beyoncé is pictured with her mother, bandmate Letoya Luckett and her mom Pam, Latavia Roberson and her mom, Cheryl, and Kelly Rowland and her mom, Doris.It was a picture of happiness but behind the scenes Beyoncé’s parent’s marriage was far from perfect.

Her father Mathew was accused of being unfaithful even in the early years of his marriage to Tina.They went on to have two more children before finally divorcing in 2011.

Moore is hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

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