A man has brutalized his wife for failing to give him different s*x positions he loves during lovemaking
B-Metro reports that Sibonakaliso Ngwenya said her husband Khumbulani Ncube was turning her into a punching bag each time they argued over what position to use during s*x act.
Ngwenya also claimed that her husband was in possession of a s*x playbook with a list of positions which he first tried with his girlfriends before he also ordered her to perform them with him.
It must be the ‘s*x bible’- Kama Sutra. As a way of fixing his wife for having failed to perform the suggested s*x positions, Ncube would deliberately relieve himself in the blanket.
Narrating her ordeal before a Bulawayo Civil court,  where she was suing her husband for physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse, the woman complained that the husband wants to try some of the things he did with his girlfriend with her which she cannot take.
“My husband is in the habit of abusing me in front of our children. He is always insulting me with my late parents’ privates. He physically and sexually abused me on several occasions, the latest being on 15 June. This was after he came home drunk and read a number of s*x positions he claimed to have tried with his girlfriends and wanted me to perform them with him.
“I refused and he assaulted me. He has been doing this on several occasions. As a way of fixing me for failing or refusing to perform the suggested s*x positions he would vomit and relieve himself in the blankets. I’m now fed up with his abuse and want the court to assist me by granting a protection order against him,” said a teary Ngwenya.
However, the husband while speaking blamed his weird actions on alcohol. He went on to beg for his wife’s forgiveness.
“I am sorry for my actions, it’s unfortunate that would have taken an illicit brew, kachasu; I want my wife to forgive me for my violent actions,” pleaded Ncube.
Ngwenya, however, heaved a huge sigh of relief when presiding magistrate Manasa Musiiwa ordered Ncube not to ever physically and sexually abuse of threaten her in any way.
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