A 17-year-old girl has been found in a Moroccan beach villa with her online boyfriend after she flew to him in Casablanca.

Rebecca Arthur sparked fears after telling her mother she was going to visit a friend in California – before boarding a flight to North Africa on Tuesday.

However, after an international manhunt, the Connecticut high schooler was found safe with Simo El Adala, who she met on Facebook, and his family, according to Morocco World News.

Arthur got her mother to drive her from their home in Clinton, Connecticut, to JFK International Airport in New York for the flight. She had no more than $25 on her.

Within days, the family realized Arthur was not in the country.

 Launching the manhunt, police had strongly suspected El Adala was not who he claimed to be, and released El Adala’s profile picture in a bid to track down Arthur with the FBI and Homeland Security.

Officers said they had ‘reason to believe’ El Adala paid for Arthur’s plane ticket to Morocco.

It is not clear whether El Adala is a Morocco native, and his Facebook profile says he lives in Uruguay.

His profile says he has been in a relationship with Arthur since February 2015 and that he lives in Uruguay 

Arthur, who lives with her family in Clinton, Connecticut, told her mother she was flying to California on July 7

 She told friends that El Adala is her boyfriend (comment pictured) before flying to meet him in Casablanca

According to Facebook, Arthur and El Adala have been ‘in a relationship’ since February 2015.

Arthur’s timeline picture is a photo of El Adala, and his is one of her.

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When a friend commented on the photo asking who it was, Arthur replied: ‘he’s my bf tehehe loll’.

She has also shared pictures of El Adala wearing a Manchester United sweatshirt.

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