A little drama was recorded in Abuja yesterday a few yards away from Winner’s Chapel when a man pulled a gun on Federal Road Safety officials (FRSC).

At the Durumi area of the federal capital territory, Abuja on Sunday, there was a little drama when an alleged member of the Winner’s Chapel, pulled a gun on Federal Road Safety (FRSC) officials who tried to impound his vehicle on a charge that he and his wife did not put on their seat belts while driving.
According to a report by Vanguard, the man was captured in a video footage saying he would blow off the heads of the officials during an argument that ensued thereafter.
The man who was driving a Honda Accord car with plate number SD01-RBC pointed his gun very menacingly at the officials while his wife backed him.
The officials who seemed helpless in the situation however got a video clip of the argument as well as the plate number of his car and released the video on social media with a call to Nigerians to identify the man for arrest.
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