There are many names given to a lot of female body parts to disguise them and the female butt is not an exception.

If it’s small we have a name for it and if it’s big we still have a name for it.

On the streets of Lagos, men have devised names for big butts to conceal them from women or to make them sound good during conversations.

Today, we wish to highlight some of these names on the streets just in case you hear it and don’t know what it means. Here are 7 funny names given to big asses on the streets of Lagos.

Shock Absorbers

Obviously derived from cars because it is believed when her ass is big, it absorbs shock just like the purpose shock absorbers serve in vehicles.


Bumpa 2 Bumpa

Women and cars is what keeps men going and so it’s not surprising that big asses are always attributed to cars when the need arises.

When the ass is that big, you have no chance than to always bump into it when in the club and it doesn’t give room for space hence the name, just like when you’re in traffic and the car behind you is so close you can’t even reverse.

Wheel Drive

Obviously most 4 wheel drives are big and when that ass is big, it definitely must be a 4 wheel drive, because it turns in all directions.


On the streets of Lagos, you are likely to hear the youth call a big ass Cherokee probably in relation to the popular porn star with the big ass, Cherokee D Ass.

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Well this name is not only popular in Lagos, it’s actually gone world wide. Obviously when you see an ass that big…O…it’s definitely going to make you bite your tongue and you will end up with names like this.

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