1.Getting married purely because of hips, boobs size, Ass & the good sex is dangerous.

2.Getting married when you have not set proper boundaries.

3.Getting married when your emotions like anger, sex pull, etc are out of control.

4.Getting married because age & time is not on your side.

5.Getting married because you want to get back at someone. You want to prove to “them” that….

6.Getting married to someone you have no chemistry for

7.Getting married because you’ve been lonely for too long.

8.Getting married when both of you are not compatible, either spiritually, physically etc.

9.Getting married because you need someone to support you financially.

10.Getting married because you got pregnant by accident.

11.Getting married because you are too scared to lose the person

12.Getting married for fame, status or position & not because you are prepared for commitment.

13.Getting married because of family pressures.

14.Getting married when you are not ready. How prepared are you Financial & Emotional?

15.Getting married because you like the idea of marriage & admire every wedding gown you see

16.Getting married because almost all your friends are married except you

17.Getting married without first dealing with destructive habits & addictions.

18.Add your own reason. Why do marriages fail?

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