17yr old Blind Prostitute Rescued and Offered Free Treatment at a Hospital

A 17-year-old partially blind pro stitute who made headlines for engaging into prostitution to raise money for eye surgery has been offered help.
She was yesterday attended to at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Zimbabwe. The woman identified as Kelly Rice whose story went viral has touched Parirenyatwa group of hospitals chief executive officer Thomas Zigora who called the lady for a medical review.
H-Metro reports that she was accompanied by her lover Elton Kachepa, 20, who was receiving money from men who hooked her for se xual services in the avenues area. “I was touched by an article published that a woman is going to an extent of engaging into pro stitution in a way to raise money for eye surgery,” said Zigora. “After reviewing her medical records our specialists will establish if the surgery can be done here and I am still to receive that report since they came today (yesterday).
“If the surgery can be done here it will be done. I engaged our public relations department to get hold of the lady and she is now being attended to. If it is established that the surgery can be done here it will be our social responsibility to meet the medical costs,” said Zigora.
Kelly told H-Metro that she underwent a nasty experience when she exposed herself in the avenues in pro stitution.
I never enjoyed the ‘old profession’ only that life differs but street life exposing my body to abuse and harsh  weather was a nasty experience and I wish if I can get a job to make my living,” said Kelly.
“Parirenyatwa authorities welcomed me and my husband well that I am looking forward to recover my sight. They gave me a prescription and I hope I will get the money to buy it handingazoishayawo ndakutoenda neku pharmacy izvezvi,” said Kelly while Elton followed proceedings.
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