A ten year-old-boy, identified as Sayyid, is reportedly roaming the streets of Kano in search of food and shelter, following the separation of his parents. According to Journalist Jafaar Jafaar, the ordeal of the minor, who narrated his situation to Freedom Radio, a local station in Kano – started two years ago when his mother’s new husband said he would not accept “agola” (a derogatory term for a stepson) in his home.

At this point the boy had no option but to go back to his father, who just married a richer woman and settled in her house. However, his father’s new wife also said she would not accept “agola” in her house when be arrived there.

Sadly his father concurred with his bride’s directive and sent him away. Since then, Sayyid had no option but to wander around the city in search of food and shelter.

“I join beggars to get what to eat, and I sleep anywhere I find myself. It is always difficult for me to get what to eat. My dream is to go to school and become rich so that I can buy food to people” He said.

Photo Credit: Jaafar Jaafar

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