Without wasting your time, below are the categories of people that are regular patronizers of herbalists
1. Politicians
In Nigeria, politics is never a child’s play. That’s why 99.9% (please don’t ask me the source of my statistics) of people who want to prevail in the game of politicsoften go through one or two forms of rituals to be famous, for protection against unexpected harms and dangers that may arise, to curse/crush their rivals and for known other cause. Like one of my lecturers always said before he bit the dust; an average politician in Nigeria is deadly and can kill to get his way to the top.
2. Runs Girls/ Prostitutes
Gone are those days when we used to hear stories of how prostitutes were used for rituals. But now, if care is not duly taken prostitutes will be the one to use their patronizers for rituals or use their fortune.
Besides that, they sometimes patronise the herbalists knowing their lives are in jeopardy as regards their nature of job, they seek herbalists’ help for protection against potential ritual, diseases, destiny-rippers and sometimes unfortunate beings.
To all prostitutes patronizers in the house, If you are very observant, you should have noticed different mark of incisions on their body.
3. Over-Jealous Girlfriends
Whether you believe me or not, some extremely jealous ladies who want nothing to keep their men only loyal to themselves seek the help of herbalists just to tie their men down; especially when they know that their boyfriends cannot be trusted and may propose to another lady, therefore, they do all sort of things to keep these men. Some, however, seek native doctors to render the joysticks of their finace impotent the moment they intend to make out with other ladies or bleep other kitty-cats.
4. Yahoo Boys
Whether you believe me or not, the larger percent of yahoo boy consult herbalists for effective work flow and make them un arrestable. This reminds me when I went to a herbalist’s abode sometime a decade. You need to see the way the herbalist quickly discharged me immediately this yahoo boy stepped in. I guess this was because the baba don know say shi-shi no go comot for my pocket.
5. African Footballers
These ones are always hovering at herbalists domain, especially those ones that want to climb the ladder of success in their football career. This is common with Nigerian, Togolese and Senegalese players.
The funniest part is that, upon all their rituals to get to the top, they won’t score more than two goals in a season; no award for the year; no nomination, neither will they win a trophy sef. I don’t want to mention their names
6. Street Fighters/ Thugs
This reminds me when I used to be a thug on the street. I and my fellow thugs used to consult various herbalists to make charms for us so that we will be invulnerable to gun shot and bottle when chaos arises
7. Husband Snatchers
This assertion may not be 100% valid, but to a reasonable extent, it is. I have seen desperate husband snatchers patronizing herbalists so as to snatch the husband of another woman.
8. Fake Pastors
The Bible already predicted that many pastors will arise and use His name to perform signs and wonders. Some of them are always twisting the word of God in such a way that it will bring money to their pockets.
They are always preaching about money and success every now and then. These people patronize various herbalists for powers to perform miracles just to scam gullible christians
9. Traditional Leaders
In Nigeria, I’m yet to see a traditional leader that is not fetish. However, they patronise various herbalists every now and then to appease to the gods or for a successful tenure.
10. Celebrities
This is common with many of our hip hop artistes but most common among fuji artistes. Before the fame, they patronize the babalawo for being known from all circle of life.
After the fame, with regard to nature of fuji music demands that singers should protect themselves from invincible arrows and other spiritual weapons being channelled by their rivals. That’s why they always patronize herbalist so that they can prevail and last longer in their music career.
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