According to CNN, there’s a new video showing some of the Chibok girls, captured over two years ago, alive.

The video was made available to CNN allegedly by negotiators who in turn got it from the captors as proof of life.

It also said the video had been seen by negotiators and some members of the government, but has now been shown the parents.

Rifkatu Ayuba one of the parents of the girls saw the video and wailed. She said it was the closest she’d been to her daughter in two years.

Saratu Ayuba is one of 15 girls seen in the recording, shown to some of the families for the first time at an emotional meeting this week.

Wearing a purple abaya, with a patterned brown scarf covering her hair, Saratu stares directly into the camera.

“I felt like removing her from the screen,” Ayuba told CNN, desperate to pluck Saratu from the mysterious location where she is being held and bring her home.

“If I could, I would have removed her from the screen.”

The video is believed to have been made in December of last year and was part of a deal between negotiators and the captors.

In the video, the girls were lined up and asked one by one for their names which they all gave including where they were abducted from and the name of their school.

The last girl to speak asked anyone who was watching to help reunite the girls with their families.

Below is a video from CNN’s YouTube channel giving the report.

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