Former Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola is currently being screened by the Senate following his ministerial nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The senators have questioned Fashola on his tenure as governor and allegations that he spent N78 million on his personal website.

Here are 10 things he said during the screening:

  1. “I don’t sign cheques. I don’t fix contract prices, State Ministries handle these.”

  2. “My Knowledge of Abuja is not as deep as my knowledge of Lagos. I have lived in Lagos all my life.”

  3. “If we are afraid of abuse, start the state police. Not every state should start if it can’t be funded.”

  4. “We are under policed based on statistics and my recommendation is decentralization.”

  5. “As governor I felt responsible for every citizen that was robbed.”

  6. “Security remains the primary but toughest job a leader can have; It was a competition.”

  7. “Government exists to protect citizens and their assets therefore criminals are my competitors.”

  8. “Online Technology is a very versatile tool for tax collection… moving to it would be important.”

  9. “Before we increase taxes we must optimize the capacity to receive what is in place.”

  10. “Our Work in Lagos was a Team Effort, I won’t appropriate personal responsibility for the Good Work.”

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