During his historic trip to Alaska President Barack Obama ate salmon that had already been partially eaten by a bear.

Obama on alasaka

President Obama and Bear Grylls eating salmon

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The American President spent three days in Alaska last week on a trip to survey the impact of climate change on the state and test his survival skills in the wildereness.

The president was accompanied with popular British adventurer Bear Grylls, who helped Obama to adapt to new and rather dangerous environment.

obama on alaska

The fish was half-eatan by a bear

In a clip of ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’, Grylls pulls the ‘carcass of a half-eaten salmon’ out of his backpack and shows it to the president.

“Alaska is a land of bear and salmon. We haven’t got bear, but this is for real, I found this on the river bank ? Don’t freak out too much, but this is half-eaten by a bear.”

Obama described his trip to Alsaka as "one of the best days of my presidency

Obama described his trip to Alsaka as “one of the best days of my presidency

After the fish was cooked on a makeshift stove made of stones, the duo are seen pleasurably eating its red flesh.

Obama described his trip to Alsaka as “one of the best days of my presidency.” “First of all, I’m not in the office. Second of all, I’m not wearing a suit,”Obama said.

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