The former governor of Abia state, Orji Uzor Kalu, has told Nigerians not to take former president, Olusegun Obasanjo serious, because according to him,“he is a man who knows how to destroy Nigeria, while at the same time pretending to love the country.”

Uzor-Kalu was reacting to a statement credited to the former president, where he said, he is yet to officially join any political party in Nigeria following his widely publicised exit from the Peoples Democratic Party.

Uzor-Kalu described Obasanjo’s comment as a publicity stunt to meant to distract Nigerians, saying the former president is a turncoat and unpatriotic.

”Obasanjo is a man who would say that Nigeria needs ‘Do-tanks’ and not ‘Think-tanks’. But he would be quick to reverse his statement at any given point in time, when he sees any opportunity that calls for him to do so. Obasanjo does not speak brightly, but comically.

He wants people to laugh for him on even serious matters of discourse. Obasanjo wants the international com­munity to see him as an innocent per­son,” Kalu said.

Kalu made the comments while speaking at a public enlightenment programme on the electoral process in Nigeria, organised by the Organisation of Tad­hamunul Muslimeen and the Ogun State chapter of The Muslim Congress.

According to The Sun, Kalu said whatever Nigeria has become to­day, Obasanjo made her, adding that Obasanjo caused every problem Nigeri­ans are facing in Nigeria today, saying he has lied his way to fame.

Kalu added, “It is not fair to me in particular because I know that at the formation of PDP, I contributed N500 million in 1998 and I don’t know how many of them owned N500 million in 1998. But today I am a thief.

I also contributed almost $1 million to Obasanjo’s campaign in 1998, when no­body had no penny to give. Why I am a thief today is what I don’t understand.” 

Meanwhile, the ambition of Kalu to become the next FIFA president suffered a huge step back after the youth wing of the Ohanaeze socio-political group rejected his ambition.

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