According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Faroba on Sunday said that the Ooni is hale and healthy, confirming that nothing has happened to him, adding that the Ooni’s death cannot be hidden.

Going by tradition, the Oduduwa chief priest will announce the death of the Ooni upon sounding of a bell at Enuwa square located in front of the palace.

All the trees in the market would be cut after the announcement, markets would be closed while all forms of merrymaking would be suspended in town for a number of days.

The Oduduwa chief priest said since Ooni is still alive there was no need to perform any of the rites.

According to him, the wedding of one of the Ooni’s sons, Adegbite to TV personality Marcy Dolapo Oni which was slated for Sunday, August 2 in Lagos still went ahead as planned to confirm that the Ooni is very much alive.

He said: “Ooni is second in command to the deities and if anything happen to him, the 200 gods and goddesses would be aware before Oduduwa chief priest would announce it. I am saying all these to confirm to you that Ooni is still alive.”

However, despite the denial of the Ooni’s death it was reported on Sunday, August 2 that the remains of the Ooni had arrived the palace in Ile-Ife.

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