Two manufacturers of fake National Identity cards for Boko Haram militants have been arrested in Maiduguri.

Colonel Tukur Gusau, the spokesman of the 7 Division of the Nigerian army, informed the press that two criminals responsible for providing Boko Haram militants with fake National Identity cards and other forged documents have been arrested in Maiduguri.

Gusau told that “the arrest of the accomplices were made possible after a Boko Haram terrorist who was earlier arrested confessed to Joint Investigation Centre that the suspected persons were in the business of producing ID cards for the terrorists group.

These [fake] documents enable the terrorists to move freely to various destinations and carry out their terrorist activities… and also facilitate the smooth movement of the terrorists to neighbouring countries to network with other terrorists,” Gusau added.

The two suspects, Makinta Umar, and John Zakariya, conducted their activities in a business centre around Post Office area in Maiduguri.

The Nigerian military also has arrested 33 Boko Haram suspects in Borno who allegedly acted as food suppliers for the terrorists.

Besides that, Nigerian security and civil defense corp in Adamawa state has arraigned at least 10 suspected Boko Haram members in IDP camp.

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