A man was arrested, charged and convicted of attempted murder for shooting 3 women. 20-year-old Delonte Thomas of Minnesota, was jailed for shooting three women for not singing “happy birthday” to his girlfriend. The incident took place when Thomas and his girlfriend attended the birthday party of a friend.

Thomas was angry when people at the party sang happy birthday to the guest of honor, but not his girlfriend, who shared the same birthday. Thomas left the party immediately after getting into an argument with the women only to return 20 minutes later with a semi-automatic pistol.

He shot the women around 1:30 a.m. Police arrived to find three victims. Two were shot eight times and the third was shot nine times. The three were taken to a hospital. They have all since recovered from their wounds. Thomas was sentenced to 333 months in prison after being convicted of three counts of attempted murder.

In his defense, Thomas told the court that he has no recollection of the shooting. “Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance,” Thomas told the court. “I don’t recall having a gun. I don’t recall shooting. I just hope to get some type of mercy here,” he said.

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