Suspected cultists in the Mushin area of Lagos on Wednesday, September 2 allegedly buried a motorist alive.

According to The Punch, the motorist was on his way to Oyingbo when he was apprehended by the cultist who dragged him out of his vehicle.

Jacob Amos, a witness said as soon as the incident happened around 8 p.m, policemen from the Alakara division were alerted and they came around to search the place for about an hour but found nothing.

He said: “The man was in the bus when he was dragged out at Total bus stop. They brought him into Mushin and I immediately alerted the policemen from Alakara.

“The police went to Adewusi Street, and searched the place for more than one hour, but they did not find anything. They patrolled the place and when they did not see anything, they left.

“Around 10pm when everybody had gone home, they brought the man to the Railway Line and push him from head down into a filled canal. Only his leg was sticking out.”

After the death of the man, the matter was reported to the police who came the next day to remove the body.

A resident however lamented that the police was ineffective and accused them of being compromised as this was not the first time such incident had happened.

“The police in this area have been compromised. When we called them yesterday that someone had been captured around Oyewusi Street, an informant of the cultists whom we suspect work with the police, quickly alerted the guys and they left the place.

“They brought the victim to our side to make it look as if we are responsible for his death. Their plan is to set the Oyingbo boys against us and trigger a war.”

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