The Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule on Saturday urged residents to desist from dumping refuse in canals and drainage systems around the state to prevent flooding. Adebule made the plea when she led some top government officials of the State to monitor the monthly environmental sanitation exercise at Ojo Local Government Area.

She expressed displeasure at the state of canals within the area, as residents had cultivated the habit of dumping refuse in canals situated within the council. According to her, this has blocked the free flow of drains, thereby causing environmental hazards and flooding in the affected areas. “It disheartening that our people are still in the habit of dumping refuse in canals.

This is the reason why almost all the canals are blocked,despite the government’s previous effort and intervention here. “Our people must desist from this act as they are mostly affected by problems caused by such acts. “And government is also worried that funds that are supposed to be channelled for other developmental projects are used to clear canals and drainage system all the time. “People usually blame government for flooding during the rains, but it is important we understand that we are the major cause of these things. “The government had cleared most of these canals here in recent past, yet today again, we are faced with the same problem of blocked drainages and canals, and as usual, government is expected to clear them again,” she said.

Adebule called for intensified public enlightenment and sensitisation on the dangers of improper refuse disposal and the need to obey environmental laws, to the safety of the people. She said all relevant government agencies as well as Community Development Committees and Associations would be empowered to take the message to the people.

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“We need to ensure that everyone protects the environment and ensure that government’s huge investment towards achieving safe and secure environment is achieved.” NAN reports that the team also monitored environmental sanitation at Ojo-Igbede, Mogaji, Ifelodun, Alaba International Market and Ajagbandi areas of the Local Government.

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