Ibe Kachikwu, the recently appointed group managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has pledged his commitment to practising full transparency in the corporation’s work.

According to PM News, he plans to ensure such transparency through the periodic publication of the corporation’s financial transactions.

Kachikwu made this known during a meeting with NNPC employees in Abuja. He noted that the first publication should be expected in September.

“I want transparency. Beginning from next month, I want to be able to publish what the company makes. I have told the President that as from next week I will be sending him weekly reports.”

The new boss also directed the staff to bring creative solutions to the challenges of the oil corporation adding that with the change coming, workers could not continue business as usual.

The culture of transparency, he continued, should begin with establishing the current financial status of the corporation. Kachikwu vowed to order a forensic audit “to tell us where we are”.

Addressing the staff directly, the new head of the body said:

“You are the best consultants there are. While there may be need to refer certain issues to consultants, ultimately you are the ones who will implement whatever recommendations they come up with; you are the ones who have been around and who understand the system and so you are the ones who should drive the change.”

Kachikwu dismissed circulating rumours about him allegedly planning to sack 1000 employees, saying that he needed quality staff to build the new NNPC.

Shortly after having been appointed NNPC GMD earlier this month, Kachikwu met with President Buhari, apparently to discuss future operational strategy. The meeting was followed by a series of removals and new appointments of senior officers. It is believed that Buhari’s administration is making a serious attempt to rebuild the reputation of the major oil corporation in the country.

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