An American judge decided to dispense justice in a rather unusual way by offering a defendant to marry his girlfriend or… go to jail.

Josten Bundy from Texas was arrested and dragged in to court after fighting with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

The 20-year-old pleaded guilty and Judge Randall Rogers gave him an unusual choice of two-year probation, 15 days in jail or marrying his 19-year-old girlfriend Elizabeth Jaynes.

The young couple gave some thought to the matter and got married 18 days after the sentencing. However, the wedding day was not so wonderful as they had expected.

The dissaponted bride said: “It just felt like we weren’t going to be able to have the wedding we wanted. I didn’t even have a white dress.”

The bride’s father was also outraged with the judge’s desicion, he said: “I was really upset. Judge Rogers stepped into my family and tried to tell them what to do without any regard for me or anything.

This isn’t his decision. I told them they didn’t have to do this, but they were afraid. They are young and they didn’t know that they had any other options.”

Josten and Elizabeth are now planning to appeal  the sentence in a higher court.

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