At the weekend, the immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, and his family arrived Kenya’s Maasai Mara Games Reserve to witness spectaculat wildebeest migration.

The former president, who came with his wife Patience and their children, was received by Samuel Tunai, the governor of Narok and the chairman of the council of governors tourism committee.

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan was received by Samuel Tunai, the governor of Narok.

On the next day, Jonathan and his wife appeared on the page of a Kenyan newspaper and triggered mixed reactions. While local and national dailies were discussing the ex-president’s visit, he and members of his family were having a great time.

Meanwhile, Nigerians were also actively discussing the ex-president and the aim of his trip to Kenya. Some of them even alleged that Jonathan had some hidden agenda.

“This is the thing expected from you at this moment, flex around & enjoy your money for long life, since you’ve been inside cage for 16 years. You have nothing to fear at all. I SALUTE YOU GEJ,” Deofil Eze wrote.

Nobody can stop Jonathan from having fun not even Buhari who is still confused after months in office,” Obed Amaechi noted.

Critics will always criticize, I think Nigerians are still missing this man and his wonderful wife, hence the search for him everywhere.  He is a gentle man, a man of integrity and honour is enjoying himself, no time for busy bodies and attention seekers. While the propagandists are busy chasing shadows, he is calm, a true sign of a great man. Contempted in all things, a true sign of a genue child of God, not bordered about anything, a true sign of total dependence on God. No wonder God has exalted him above all imaginations. He is the greatest, I love his style,” Obasi Ben wrote.

“He looks fresher now than when he was the president of Nigeria,” Zenki Asek noted.

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“Nonsense, you are going to Kenya for holiday after spoiling your country. Let me ask you have any kenyan past president or present one ever visit your  country cos the last time I checked the answer is #NO,” Eric Young expressed his dissatisfaction.

“If you ask me that question 100 times, I will answer “why did he prefer Kenya to South Africa?” He should have tried our own Sambisa forest where things are happening every minute, every hour. He has a hiden agenda, he will soon get travel ban,” Attahigala Akogwu alleged.

It is worth mentioning that apart from spending time with his family, Jonathan has recently embarked on three important projects.

According to the former aide, the ex-president is working hard on memoirs that will tell his grass-to-grace story: political adventures, experience as vice-president and president, and the presidential election which he lost.

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