Do you remember Aisha? She is a little girl who Vice President Yemi Osinbajo met at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital in Borno state on July 1, 2015.

How did he become this bad? Professor Osinbajo seems to be asking the woman holding the baby in Adamawa earlier today

Professor Osinbajo is holding little Aisha.

This girl with a badly burnt face and other victims of Boko Haram attacks will undergo plastic surgery sponsored by the federal government.

On August 12, Wednesday, the government announced the news through the official twitter handle of the Aso Rock Villa.



Meanwhile, Nigerians took to social media to share their emotions about such great news.


“Thank God, its so painful to look at that child and realise that you  don’t have the power to help. God is good,” Dami llionaire noted.

“See what the bastards who now wants to negotiate with FG did! Don’t negotiate with terrorists! No amnesty for this grave crimes!” Akintobi Jimoh warned the government.

“I do not understand this world, fact is those non-entities might actually walk away from all of these unscathed. There is no set stone or mathematical theory that proves that  “Sword of Damocles”, will actually split open the skulls of these beasts inthe end, even Karma will not absolve them of this great blame. I pray for a successful surgery for the child,”  Rotimi Bewaji noted.

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