A 22 year-old-girl Lola Oguntade has narrated an amazing story how she quit her job in a bank and became a ‘chronic’ campaigner for Muhammadu Buhari.

In her interview granted to SaharaTV, Lola said she gave up everything to campaign for “Change” during Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election.

The “Buhari girl” quit her job in a Nigerian bank in order to focus on supporting the APC’s presidential candidate in the March 28 election.

Oguntade was not joining or being funded by any political party or Buhari’s campaign.

Lola said: “The majority of people are not on social media, so I decided to talk to them on markets, they also have their PVCs so they should know about General Muhammadu Buhari.

“I met somebody from the Facebook campaigning team and they invited me to their meeting. When I came they were just looking at me and I understand that I was the youngest one there.

“And they began to nominate official people for campaigning and I raised my hand and said: I want to be an assistance coordinator of this group.

“Everybody looked at me: Who are you? You have just come and want to be coordinator of this group.”

Buhari campaign

Lola campaigns for Buhari.

“When I was giving my speech I said that as a matter of fact I am not experienced. I have passion for Nigeria, I have passion for General Muhammadu Buhari, I am eager to sacrifice to work for this organization.”

Then the young girl talked about the desperation that came after shift of polls from February 14 to March 28, 2015.

“After they postponed the campaign, after they postponed the election then there was show because the people were upset and we can’t give up,” Lola said.

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“We didn’t have money, and only the encouragement from Facebook kept me going. So when people said we don’t have money I said don’t worry the God will provide.”

Lola further stated that when she needed money to organize rallies, she wrote on social media and Nigerians donated the money.

“They were really supportive and encouraging. I was not funded by the APC, it was all done by Nigerians. I gave money for campaign, Nigerians gave.

“Then they sent me invitation for the inauguration but I really didn’t have money to fly to Abuja, I chatted with my friends and they said Lola you must go.

“Jonathan is the ex-president now and Buhari is in Aso Rock – that was the mission, so I am awarded,” Lola noted.

As for her current affairs the Buhari supporter said: “I keep advocating for good governance. We have to ensure that Buhari will deliver all his promises.”

See the full interview below:

It should be recalled that the former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari, who turned a democrat, has become the first opposition aspirant to win a presidential poll in Nigeria.

Final results showed that Buhari beat Goodluck Jonathan by more than 2.5 million votes.

Jonathan called his rival to concede the defeat and congratulate. Buhari’s supporters took to the streets to celebrate on March 31.

President Buhari has already more than two months in the office, and he is trying to do his best serving Nigerians. However the delay in appointment of ministers, new Boko Haram attacks and drop of the national currency, naira, mar the performance of the new administration.

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