Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State stated that the state government has uncovered fraud in pension administration in the state and ordered the scrapping of the state’s Pensions Board, saying that a bureau would be created to look into the payment of pension funds to pensioners.

He promised that within two weeks, local government pensioners will get paid as steps have been taken to ensure that going forward, there will be provision made for payment of council pensioners.
Oshiomhole said:

“Government is aware that quite a number of our senior citizens, particularly the ones who were in the employment of the local governments, covered by the Local Government Pensions Board, for some reasons have not received their pension for a couple of months.

“I need to make the point clear, because when I see their comments, they seem to indicate that the state government is responsible for the payment of their pensions. It is true that the state government has some level of responsibility to supervise and watch over the conduct of local governments. However, the local governments remain the 3rd tier of government and their roles and responsibilities are fully spelt out in the Constitution.”

“Since I assumed office, Edo State Government under my stewardship has never and will never interfere with the funds of local governments. However, following the recent sharp drop in the revenue accruing to the local governments from the federation account, many of our councils found out that after providing for payment of teachers salary, which we consider first line charge, what they have left was hardly enough to meet their salary obligations.”


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