If you’ve been following the trend #BuyNaijatoGrowNaira that has been going on for a bit; mostly on Twitter, you’d already know a ton of things that are proudly Naija made and would be awesome substitutes for as many things in your everyday life as you can think of.

Here’s an extra thing you can do to help grow our naira;Run your ads on AdQuet!

AdQuet, is a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes to connect and exchange ads and traffic in a mutually beneficial manner.

Within 7 months of its launch, it has serviced over 130 advertisers across a network of over 5000 publishers, both large and small scaled.

AdQuet currently delivers above 2 million impressions daily, therefore giving many businesses the exposure needed to rapidly grow their user base.

Doing business with AdQuet is simple and rewarding, as you get to pay and earn in Naira (No exchange rate wahala or limit).

Plus, to even grow the Naira some more, all their cash flow is kept tightly within the Nigerian economy; as all charges are paid to Interswitch and our banks.

All of this sounds a little better than someone cashing out on your hard earned money in California, yes?

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